Tuesday, May 19, 2015

: re: Free Trade Is Not the Enemy

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To the Editor:
    William M. Daley murmurs soothingly "...if the TPP passes...China’s economic fortunes will be tied to joining our alliance, which would necessitate raising its standards on labor conditions, the environment and the rule of law." Has he broken the law to divulge this secret to us? Or is he just making this stuff up?
     In the normal course of events, my senators would debate and deliberate and seek the voters' input on a issue of this m magnitude. But as long as it's conducted in secret,  I stand with professor Wagstaff; I'm against it.
Barry Haskell Levine



levinebar said...


levinebar said...

"...anyone who has read the text of the agreement could be jailed for disclosing its contents. I’ve actually read the TPP text provided to the government’s own advisors, and I’ve given the president an earful about how this trade deal will damage this nation. But I can’t share my criticisms with you. I can tell you that Elizabeth Warren is right about her criticism of the trade deal. We should be very concerned about what's hidden in this trade deal—and particularly how the Obama administration is keeping information secret even from those of us who are supposed to provide advice"

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/05/tpp-elizabeth-warren-labor-118068.html#ixzz3abtX0eSt