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: re: In New Era of Terrorism, Voice From Yemen Echoes

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To the Editor:
    It is now reported that an American citizen,  Anwar al-Awlaki,
offered material aid to terrorists including the Charlie Hebdo gunmen,
funding their travel and training in direct violation of U.S. statute.
Yet he was neither charged nor tried. He and his son were killed
without due process of Law.  That presents us four options:
1-Cherif Kouatchi is lying
2-Cherif Kouatchi was deceived
3-our vaunted CIA/NSA spy machine is incompetent
4-president Obama preferred to assert a novel power of extra-judicial
slaying rather than let duly constituted courts do the work of
   Cherif Kouatchi is dead and we may never get to evaluate the first
two options. But the fourth one should keep Americans awake at night.
If our president can have the al-Awlakis killed without charge or
trial, he can have any one--or all--of us killed without charge or
trial. That's not how the Rule of Law is supposed to work. While we
mourn the victims at Charlie Hebdo as martyrs to Free Speech, we need
to remember that the al-Awlakis were killed for noxious political
Barry Haskell Levine

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