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To the Editor:
    A democracy--although not easy--is simple. An issue arises, the People vote, public servants execute the public will. A republic, by contrast, is not simple. The electorate must choose on election day representatives who--when faced with issues yet unforeseen--we conjecture will act as the People would have wanted. It is for this reason that character and record loom so large in our politics. 
    We have now fifty years of evidence that Hillary can't resist a strong man. Barry Goldwater, Bill Clinton, Hosni Mubarak...whatever the issue, she's been found embracing whatever the alpha male asserted, and him along with it.
   Were everything going along swimmingly and were there no surprises coming down the pike, a bright, hard-working caretaker who already knows all the players might be what America needs. That's not the world we'll face in 2016. And Hillary Clinton is not the leader I'd trust to advance my interests in those unforeseen crises.
Barry Haskell Levine

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