Tuesday, June 17, 2014

: re: How Health Care Systems Stack Up

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To the Editor:
    Anyone who has been paying attention knows by now that Americans pay more for healthcare than anyone has done since the invention of money, yet we get substandard outcomes for it.  In no way does it follow that "[t]he Affordable Care Act, if left to accomplish its goals by Congressional Republicans, is the best way to alleviate the cost and quality issues for most Americans." None of the countries whose systems out-perform ours implement anything like theACA. The ACA is a monstrosity forced on us to keep the Insurance Companies in the game. But every dollar they report as profit and every dollar they report as expense and every dollar they spend lobbying, and every dollar a doctor spends on their paperwork is a dollar that's not delivering healthcare.
   ACA has brought us closer to universal coverage, which is a necessary step. But it does not address real reform of Americanhealthcare, which still threatens in time to devour our entire economy.
Barry Haskell Levine

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